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Prof. Dr. Rasim Alizade

Azerbaijan National Aviation Academy

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Koray  Korkmaz
Izmir Institute of Technology Department of Architecture
Asisst. Prof. Dr. Feray Maden
Yasar University, Department of Architecture,
Asisst. Prof. Dr. Yenal Akgün
Gediz University, Department of Architecture
Asisst. Prof. Dr. Gökhan Kiper
İzmir Institute Of Technology, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Asisst. Prof. Dr. Ozgur Kilit
Yasar University, Department of Energy Systems Engineering,
IN COLLABORATION WITH                                             
Volkert van der Wijk (Dr. Ir. / M.Sc. Ph.D.)
VISITING RESEARCHER                                            
Dr. Valentina Beatini
Research title: Design Methods of Deployable Panel Structures.(March 2012- March2013)
Grant from Tubitak (The Scientific And Technological Research Council of Turkey)

PhD STUDENTS                                                              

Aylin Gazi
(A New Design Approach For Retractable Plate Structures Based On One Uniform Tessellations 2016)
Feray Maden
(Novel Design Methodologies for Transformable Doubly-Ruled Surface Structures, 2015)
Yenal Akgün
(A Novel Transformation Model for Deployable Scissor-Hinge Structures, 2010)
MASTERS STUDENTS                                                   
Fulya Gürcü

(Design of a Reconfigurable Deployable Structure for Post Disaster Housing, 2015)

Gozde Susam
(A Research on a Reconfigurable Hypar Structure for Architectural Applications, 2013)
Melodi Simay Acar
(Bio-Inspired Design Of A Kinetic Node For Adaptable Structures, 2011)
Aylin Gazi
(A Method To Design Kinetic Planar Surface With Mathematical Tessellation Techniques, 2010)